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Some Reflections on Uberconf

15. July 2011

If you do development on the JVM and you did not attend Uberconf this week then you really missed out. This is the second year of Uberconf in Denver, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Even though I was not able to attend the entire conference, I feel like I come away from my time there with new friends, new knowledge and some great memories.


Some takeaways

Thanks to all those that attended my sessions. I was also very impressed by the level of questions and attendee participation. In particular, my BDD with Cucumber was packed, and most attendees hung around for the second half. One person told me she attended the conference mainly because of this workshop, so that was a nice thing to hear. As a side note, it doesn't matter how much you check your class materials, it only takes one faulty USB key to throw a wrench in the works. Presenters beware!

The group exercises I use in my BDD with Cucumber workshop (thanks to Richard Lawrence for letting me use them!) have been great ways to clarify the material for attendees and get everyone interacting with each other and having fun. I was aiming for it to be the funnest workshop at the conference - hopefully I came close!

I now know about some especially  cool ways to improve my developer experience on OSX that I will be trying out in the weeks to come, such as Brew, MacVIM, Solarized and oh-my-zsh. Thanks especially to @arthurkalm for all the tool-foo sharing. Man, that guy knows his stuff.

Use ant -emacs to have Cuke4Duke output code snippets more cleanly. Thanks Howard Ship!

If you attended the workshop (or any of my sessions) then I would love to hear any feedback you might have, especially if you try implementing any of the things I talked about.

If you ever have the chance to attend a workshop by Venkat, don't miss it! He turns live coding into a performance art. Seriously.

Thanks to Jay Zimmerman, Ben, NFJS and staff of the Westin hotel for making Uberconf such a great event.

Workshop 2

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