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Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Interviews with Eric Evans

10. March 2010


Vladimir Gitlevich is the organizer of the DDD-NYC SIG , and is the site editor and webmaster for DDD Community. What I discovered during my time in NYC two weeks ago is that he is also an accomplished videographer and video producer (it was Vlad that recorded and produced the videos that are part of the course on Day 2). 

056So at the end of Day 3, on Thursday night, I went with Kristian and Eric to Vlad’s apartment where he had a room set up as a video recording studio. We then proceeded to record a series of interviews with Eric about DDD. 054

Firstly, Kristian interviewed me for a little while about what it was like to attend the course as a student. Then he and Eric discussed – among other things – new and interesting developments in the DDD space.

It was then my turn to interview Eric and learn more about the development of the course content over the years and chat with him about some of the things that had impressed and helped me, many of which I have written about in my DDD Immersion blog series. _MG_6693

My hope is that some of what I learnt will benefit others that are working their way through the big blue book, and I have every confidence that Vlad can turn our late-night discussions into tightly-edited video material that both informs and is interesting to watch!

_MG_6686This was a fun diversion. Particularly being right in the middle of a big winter storm with a foot or more of snow having fallen at this time. The slippery taxi ride through the slick, snowy streets back to the hotel is not something I will forget in a hurry (and I’m used to Colorado blizzards).

Look to the DDD community site in the coming weeks and months for announcements.

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